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It wasn't on purpose, I swear!

March 29, 2004
I forgot to wear my wedding ring for the first time today.

I got married last weekend. Well, technically, two weekends ago. We picked the first day of spring, as it sounded romantic somehow. The romance aspect counterbalances the fact that we eloped at City Hall (not even the main one here in San Diego, an offshoot City Hall!) in jeans and T-shirts. I have to be honest, I havenít been part of any previous weddings, but you really canít beat jeans for comfort in grown-up, emotionally overwhelming, highly surreal situations. I can say Iíve gone to several weddings where I wasnít the bride, and had to dress in appropriate wedding attire (which I probably bought for the occasion and havenít worn since), and I was supremely uncomfortable the entire time. Jeans are really a good way to go in stressful situations.

Since the wedding, which technically wasnít a weddingóit was a civil ceremonyóIíve been very conscious of the ring on my finger. Itís very pretty. We picked them out together. They each have three sapphires embedded in sterling silver (him) and titanium (me). Well, I left the ring sitting next to the bathroom sink this morning. My symbol of love, hope, and commitment was left where the cat could have batted it off the around and onto the floor like he does with plastic milk bottle tops. Iíve never had a lot of nice jewelry, and maybe thatís why.

I may need to tape the sucker to my finger.

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