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April 23, 2004
Are you familiar with PowerStripe deoderant? It's not a brand, but a new trend in the deoderant industry (which I'm starting to believe I have a freaky obsession with).

Anyway, PowerStripe (one word, of course) deoderant is pretty much your old deoderant (and possibly even anit-persperant, who knows how far this could go?) with a strip of super deoderant through the middle of it. PowerStrip deoderant is constantly marketed as the best deoderant ever!!, and our strongest deoderant ever!!.

My question is, if this is the best protection from odor and wetness you can get!!, why don't they just make the whole stick o' deoderant out of the PowerStripe stuff? I mean, is it just so powerful that if they made a whole stick out of PowerStripe material, would it suck all the moisture from your body through your armpits or something?

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