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Only In Kenya (and Kentucky)

May 10, 2004
How can you not love this? It's SO worth the short wait for it to load. I especially love the guy. I really don't have any reason...the whole thing just makes me happy. And oddly disappointed, as I can't actually download the "Kenya Song" onto iTunes. Sigh.

Also, I just found out today that PBS, in the tradition of Frontier House and Manor House, will have a new show, Colonial House. The two-night "event" starts May 17th. My Mom will be so excited. When I was 14, we took a family vacation to Kentucky and visited an old Quaker village while there. She was so happy, and told my sister and I that she dreamed about living that type of life when she was younger. I really couldn't imagine anything worse. I mean, where did you watch The New Kids On the Block videos? They didn't have televisions, let alone MTV.

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